Friday, May 25, 2007

Write this Moment

As writers it is very important to remain aware of market developments as well as keep informed about possible opportunities. Although books and directories can be useful, with new publications appearing as well as changes in personnel and requirements, these are not always up to date or reflect current needs. However I recently discovered a service being offered by Write this Moment. For a very reasonable quarterly or annual subscrittion, each week they post details on a job board listing the requirements of certain magazines or publishers.

I have had my own subscription for about a month and have been greatly impressed by the range of work and opportunities being posted. Also, if something is of particular interest, it is possible to have the details emailed to you or be directed to the relevant website.

In Achieve More Acceptances and Be Published More Often I wrote about how to find and profit from 'golden opportunities' and am positive Write This Moment will yield quite a few.

If you are seeking to be published or looking for new markets, I thoroughly recommend taking out a subscription. For details and more information visit,

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