Friday, May 18, 2007

Increasing Your Chance of Publication

I was watching a business programme the other night and the key message one industrialist kept putting forward was 'Think Customer.' It is the customer who buys and who ultimately decides on the success or failure of any venture.

And this message applies to writers. You need to think of the reader. What do they want to know or can gain from your writing? If you can make it relevant to their needs or can engage the reader in some way, then you will increase the chance of selling your work.

Sometimes writers can be indulgent and write for themselves. And while this can make writing a joy and pleasure it does not necessarily help you to sell what you write.

If you want to sell your work, always keep the reader in mind.

Next week I will add a further consideration which can again help you to increase your chances of a sale. In the meantime if you are keen to write for publication, do have a look at my special report, Achieve More Acceptances and Be Published More Often. One reviewer wrote, “I have read quite a few books about writing but I have never read anything as good as this. It says it all simply and is packed with so much information." And with the purpose and theme of the report being to help you to 'Achieve More Acceptances.'

Good luck.