Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chinese Horoscopes

This week sees the publication of my new book, Your Chinese Horoscope 2008. Although in this blog I mainly write about writing matters, if Chinese horoscopes are of interest you can find more details about my book by clicking on the Amazon link below. For American readers the book will be available through Barnes and Noble a little later in the year.

One of the fascinating aspects of Chinese horoscpes concerns the personalities of the 12 animal signs and, just as I have seen writing teachers suggest that writers base characters on their knowledge of Western signs (eg determined Taureans, secretive Scorpions etc), the same can be applied to animal signs. Indeed whenever I meet someone I am always interested to find out their Chinese sign and so have a better appreciation of their nature, including strengths and possible weaknesses. This, together with the helpfulness of indicated trends, are just part of this fascinating and ancient discipline.

In my next blog I will share some of my favourite writing quotations and some more information about Achieve More Acceptances and Be Published More Often .

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