Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Keys to Writing Success - Part 1

'I often quote myself. It adds spice to the conversation'
George Bernard Shaw.

And quotes can certainly add some spice, whether to something you have written or in helping to illustrate a point you want to make in a discussion or speech.

And in the next few blogs I will be passing on some quotes from writers which I think contain some valuable sentiments.

The first is from William Styron, 'There's only one person a writer should pay any attention to. It's not any damn critic. It's the reader.'

While from Quentin Crisp, 'I want to write the words people want to print.'

And Judith Krantz, 'I'm writing to have fun and for my readers to have fun. I do the best work I can do.'

All these three quotes have the same message - you need to write with the reader (and audience) in mind. Once you do that, your writing will be far more effective - and often more successful too.


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Good Luck.

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