Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some values of rejection

In my last posting I wrote about what I found the worst thing about writing. It did occur to me that some may also regard rejection as the worst thing – and rejection does hurt.

However do remember rejection need not be final. On receiving manuscripts back, I have sometimes had feedback which has allowed me to alter what I have written and resubmit it. In fact one article I am writing at the moment follows on from the comments of an editor who rejected it but said he would welcome treatment of the subject from another angle. I have already done the research so it is just a case of re-organising it.

Also pieces that have been rejected can always be taken by another editor. On one occasion an editor rejected one of my articles which I thought was very suitable for his magazine. I did nothing with the article until a year later when I decided to resubmit it. This time the same editor accepted it.

Another positive of rejection is that it can be a spur to try harder, including looking at how to make your work better and just what it is publishers or magazine editors may be wanting. Also,regard rejection as part of the learning process. Few writers achieve success straightaway and it could be worth viewing each rejection as taking you another step closer to the acceptance you are seeking.

Next time I’ll be considering some of the better things about writing but if you are interested in becoming published and making the most of your writing skills, do have a look at my special report, Achieve More Acceptances and be Published More Often. In it I describe ways to improve your chances of having your writing accepted as well as how to discover your own golden writing opportunities.

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