Saturday, April 28, 2007

Roald Dahl's idea

One of my favourite writers is Roald Dahl and I will never forget reading about a journey he made. He was out in the country driving along when suddenly an idea struck. As he didn't want to forget it, he stopped to write it down. However, as he did not have any paper or a pen in the car, he ended up writing the idea on the dust of the bonnet of his car!

The moral is - always take some paper and something to write with you when you go out. However, to this I would like to add the following suggestion.

Whenever you go for a walk or out somewhere, always aim to write something down before you return home. By priming youself like this, ideas will come.

Try it and you'll see how effective this can be.

Next week I have some interesting news to announce - until then, have a good weekend.

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