Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Joys of Writing

Having mentioned some of the negatives about writing, this week I will concentrate on some of the best things.

And there are many.

One of the joys of writing is the ability to share your ideas with a wider audience. With your words you can amuse, inform and entertain. Not only can writing be personally satisfying but hopefully of worth to your readers as well.

Writing is a wonderful form of expression and allows you to do and convey so much. However to write well takes practice and skill and you do need time to find the areas and genres that suit you and your style. As some who have enjoyed success have joked, ‘It took years to become an overnight success,’ and it can take years before your efforts pay off.

One of the most important traits for a writer to have is perseverance. Writing is something you have to work on and it does take commitment. But the rewards and satisfaction that can come from writing more than compensate for the time and effort involved.

As a writer it pays to persist.

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