Saturday, September 01, 2007

Achieve More Acceptances - A Review

When I wrote Achieve More Acceptances my aim was to help writers make more of their talents and to get published more easily. And I was very gratified to receive the following review from writer John Craggs earlier this week.

'I finally got to finish reading AMA, (Life got in the way for a while...), and thoroughly enjoyed it, much of the time nodding in agreement

I could have done with something like this all those years ago when I first started trying to sell my work. Good solid practical information which double-guesses most of a would-be writer's questions.

The concept of the 'golden opportunity 'was very worthwhile. I've had a few of these, where a little extra effort or thought have really paid off. I suspect a lot of people let these chances slip by either through procrastination, fear of rejection, or giving up too easily.

I'm not teaching any classes at the moment, but AMA has been added to my small list of books I'll cheerfully suggest to writing students. Come to think of it, this will be the first 'download' I've ever suggested. (Sign of the times.)'

Achieve More Acceptances is currently available for the very reasonable price of $7 (about £3.60) and to order or for more details please email me at

John Craggs is the author of some highly entertaining books, 'A Hamper of Havoc' and 'British Bike Bodgers Booklet' and both can be ordered via He also writes a fortnightly humour newsletter and to subscribe you can email John at with 'MSD SUB'

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