Friday, September 14, 2007

Keys to Writing Success - Part 8

Recently I read about a writer who had written a short story and was wondering where he should send this. He mentioned it was a rather unusual story and with hidden meanings.

On reading this I do wonder if his story stands any chance of publication. The reason is, if you are hoping to get published rather than write for personal pleasure, then you do need to consider the market first and where you intend to submit to. That way you can tailor your work to meet the needs of a magazine or publisher and their intended audience.

For those writing for publication, this is an important principle - start by considering the needs to the market (including what readers and editors are looking for,) rather than writing and then wondering what to do next. I write about this in greater detail in Achieve More Acceptances and this and other principles given can certainly help make the path to publication that much smoother.

Bear this Key to Writing Success in mind. It is an important one and can serve you well.

Good Luck.

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