Friday, August 24, 2007

Keys to Writing Success - Part 7

This week I'm going to share with you something that has served me well for many a year. It is also something that I have touched on before but is so important, is worth mentioning again.

To make the most of your writing time you need to stay organised and think ahead. By doing so, you will be preparing yourself mentally for what it is you want to write. If not, there is a risk that when you do have writing time, you could be sitting in front of a screen or sheet of paper without any firm ideas.

Writing time is too valuable to waste.

To help me maintain my own output, I always plan out on Sunday what I intend to write during the week. This gives me something to aim for as well as allow me to collect my thoughts. This weekly plan is not necessarily detailed but serves as a useful guide and prompt.

I also make a daily to do list, again setting out all I want to do that day, including specific writing projects as well as other things.

By making weekly - and daily - lists you will find it will not only help you with your writing output but keep your writing projects on track.

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