Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Self-Help for Writers

A little while ago someone asked me why I called my blog 'Self-Help for Writers.'

One of the reasons is that writing is a lonely business and to get results so much depends on you and your attitude. As a writer you must think positively and have belief in your abilities. If not and you are only half-hearted or dismissive about what you do, then you are not likely to fare well.

To succeed as a writer you need belief in yourself and a willingness and determination to do your best. And I hope in these blogs that my words and thoughts can in some way help you to make the most of your writing talents.

But so much rests with you.

And belief in yourself.

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Jude said...

Hi Neil
Thanks for directing me here. Your blog is great- very useful. I've placed a link here from my blog so others can benefit and thanks particularly for writers' FM- really interesting.