Sunday, January 07, 2007

Importance of Titles

Whenever you submit a piece of writing for consideration, almost the first thing the editor will look at is the title.

If it intrigues, if it seems relevant, if it fits in with the type and style of title the editor favours, then the editor is more likely to read further.

Also consider your title from a readers point of view. If you saw your title as a reader, would it arouse your curiousity? Or would you skip on to something else.

In article and book writing, you can also add to your title with a subtitle. This can indicate more of what your piece covers and again, the more tempting you can make it, the better.

One way of arousing interest for nonfiction pieces is to include a number in the title. For instance, 7 Ways to ... 5 Best Ways to ... 10 popular .... Numbers attract attention and this can be seen by the way they feature on so many front covers.

Another effective word to use in a title is 'You.' Again this makes it relevant to the reader and can draw and invite them in.

Also do not ignore 'How to ..' Readers want to find out and how to tells them how.

For fiction writers, let your titles conjure images. Let it create wonder and curiousity. I once saw a letter from Dorothy L Sayers to a BBC producer and in it she was agonising over the title of a novel. She typed a list of quite a few and knew just how important getting the right and most appropriate title was.

In your writing, the title is just so important and is worth taking time and care over.

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