Friday, March 23, 2007

Make the Most of Your Camera

With the weekend almost upon us, it is a good time to get out and about. And if you intend to visit a place of interest or perhaps just go out for a journey somewhere, why not take a camera?

This way if you see something unusual or a scene that particularly pleases you will be able to capture it. And once you have that picture, there could be ways you could use it. For instance, it could help inspire some thoughts or a story or lead to as well as illustrate an article.

There are also many picture agencies that are keen to receive good quality pictures and until I read Brian Moore's ebook I did not realise how many there were or what a good market they are. For details have a look at With the ebook comes another showing how you can get paid to write online and which makes it truly excellent value for writers.

Have a good weekend and hope you get some good pictures.

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