Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Writing Inspiration

I like quotations and one of my favourite books is a quotation book compiled over 100 years ago. It is full of sayings and proverbs from around the world. Some are obscure and with the meaning unclear but many contain truths that are both relevant and can be taken further.

If you are wanting inspiration for a story, why not look up a proverb in a quotation book or on the internet and see what it inspires.

Here are just two proverbs I have selected at random and both could be developed into story ideas.

'Every man must sow his wild-oats' (Could someone's past be catching up with them ....?)

''One must not say all that is true.' (The consequences of withholding information or keeping certain facts from someone ...)

Proverbs (and also pictures, as mentioned in a previous writing advice blog) can be a wonderful source of writing inspiration. And if stuck for a writing idea, either could help.


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