Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Writers Questions

Many writers tend to be loners and set about their writing by themselves and with their writing thoughts kept very much to themselves. And while writing can be a private occupation, sometimes there are occasions when it would be helpful to ask another for an opinion or there are certain matters bothering them. This is partly why I have established this Self-help for Writers blog. If there is an issue you would like me to cover, do please email me at selfhelpforwriters@hotmail.co.uk and putting Question in the subject box.

Also, if you wish to be informed of future Self-help for Writers blogs, fill in the feedblitz link on the right. You can unsubscribe to this at any time.

Finally, if you have not yet taken advantage of the free Christmas gifts from write street, here’s the link.

And in my next posting, some exciting news!

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