Saturday, November 15, 2008

A - Z of Writing Success

Yourself. Writing is a challenge and often a lonely one. To keep yourself motivated, set targets and reward yourself when you meet them. Also pay attention to yourself, including allowing time to think and for letting ideas form as well as to your general lifestyle. To be and to write at your best, you do need to pay attention to yourself.

Finally the letter Z could stand for zest or zeal, both of which are important, but instead let it stand for zig-zag. In writing there are days when the words and ideas flow well but there are others which are difficult and a struggle. As writers we zig-zag about, from successes to days of rejection and failure. But whether we zig or zag the main thing is we keep going and so give ourselves and our writing more chance.
Good luck.

I hope you will have found my A - Z of Writing Success helpful, inspiring and that it leads on to some acceptances.
The main thing is, keep writing, keep perservering.

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Marta said...

January 3, 2009

Dear Mr. Somerville:

What a great article, I love it, I wish I could writte, I do admired does who can.


Marta Reed

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