Saturday, July 12, 2008

A - Z of Writing Success

Presentation. It is often said ‘looks count’ and in order to impress editors you need to present your work well. Use good quality stationery and make sure your print-outs are crisp and clean. By showing you take care, editors are more likely to give your work greater consideration.

Quotations can be very useful for writers, whether in starting articles, to illustrate points or show other people's thinking on a certain subject. To help with your writing, obtaining a good quotation book could be well worth while.

Reader. When you write, always have the reader in mind. If writing for a particular age group, visualise a reader of that age reading your work. This will help you to use the right style, vocabulary and approach. Or if writing a factual piece, think of what the reader needs to know and how they can best gain and use the information you want to put across. By considering the reader, your writing will often be stronger and more appropriate.

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