Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A - Z of Writing Success

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing what I call the A - Z of Writing Success and hope these thoughts will be helpful and inspiring.

Acceptance. This is what so many writers want but getting those acceptances requires determination. And if at the start of your writing career, rather than aim for top magazines or big publishers where competition is greatest, consider more regional publications or smaller publishing houses. In writing it is best to start small, gain experience and then gradually build up your writing career.

Belief. You must believe in yourself and your work. To doubt your abilities or what you write will undermine your work and chances. Remember the praise and constructive comments you may have received and successes enjoyed. As a writer, know you have it within you to write and to write well.

Contacts are important. Make the most of chances to meet other writers and those in the publishing industry. And if an editor or publisher takes your work, aim to build on this and keep in contact.


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