Thursday, July 05, 2007

Achieve More Acceptances

I have recently had a number of enquiries about Achieve More Acceptances and Be Published More Often and, in answer to some of the questions, I am pleased to reproduce the introduction to the report and hope that it will be of interest.


The aim of this report is to help you achieve more acceptances and be published more often. And, in the pages that follow, you will find ways in which you can strengthen your submissions and so improve your chance of acceptance.

Some of these methods you may already follow but there will also be some you may not be so familiar with. In particular you will read about ‘The Golden Opportunity.’ This is something I stumbled across in my own writing career and has opened a number of outlets for my work. This opportunity can, I believe, also help many and I thoroughly recommend that you stay alert for your own ‘golden opportunities.’ By doing so you could be well rewarded.

Much of the advice covered in this report covers can be applied to both fiction and non-fiction. However, if you are particularly keen to get into print, I would recommend you concentrate initially on non-fiction. There are far more openings for informative and factual pieces than there are for stories and this is shown by the many special interest magazines and publications currently in print. Even though fiction may be enjoyable to write, it is also harder to sell.

Also, when you place your work or get an encouraging response from an editor, do use and build on this. One submission or compliment can be the opening you need and pave the way to others. As a writer keen to get those all important acceptances, do make the most of chances you have.

Be alert. Be persistent. And believe in what you do.
And I very much hope that this report can guide you towards the breakthrough and acceptances you are wanting.

More details can be found at and where it is available for instant download for $7 (or about £3.50).

Next week, another Key to Successful Writing.

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